Payoneer Review – Best Paypal Alternative Till Now?

Payoneer Review Best Paypal Alternative

If you are a online business owner or a freelancer you might
be using Paypal services for sending and receiving your online payments. But
didn’t you feel the drawbacks of Paypal which includes their strict policies
and complex verification process?  Also, you can’t access your money directly from Paypal but you first need to transact 
the amount to bank account then use it. So, today I introduce to you probably the Best Paypal Alternative present online, that is Payoneer.


Payoneer is not as popular as Paypal is but it’s probably
the best competitor to Paypal. In this review you are going to know all the
information about Payoneer, how to have a virtual Mastercard Debit Card with Payoneer
and I will give you a unique link too, to get credited with $25 once you signup for Payoneer.
So let’s begin with it.
Welcome to Payoneer.
Payoneer was designed to provide online transaction services
to online business owners and the free lancers. The best thing that makes it
the Best Paypal Alternative is that it provides you a Payoneer Mastercard Debit
for a very low maintenance price. The Debit Card can be used
internationally through all ATMs available.



Payoneer Services For Users – Why The Best Paypal Alternative.


Flexible Options for Receiving Funds

  • Global payment service.
  • Payoneer mass payout companies.
  •  In-Network payments.

Withdraw Your Funds.

  • Transfer to your local bank account.
  • Withdraw with Payoneer prepaid Mastercard
  • Spend In-Store or Online.


Payoneer Services.

Own Your Free International Bank Account

Wow! Now you can have your own International Bank Account and can receive direct payments to it
from the international companies. You will get your personal account
identification number and routing numbers through which the international companies
can use to pay you via bank account. So now you can receive payments from
companies of any country via bank account even if you are not a resident of
that country. That will surely boost up your deals! even if you are not a
resident of that country. Payoneer will only deduct 1% of the amount you
receive, which also adds to its being the Best Paypal Alternative.


Transaction Between Payoneer Accounts Free Of Cost

If both the sender and the receiver have Payoneer accounts then the transaction between
them will be free of cost. That is another facility that outrages the drawback
of Paypal deducting tax from the transacted amount .


Receive Your Money In Local Bank Account

You are able to withdraw the money to your local bank account from your Payoneer account.
Payoneer charges a very low fee to withdraw your balance to bank account.

Own Your Payoneer Mastercard

Payoneer Mastercard.
This feature is the most
fascinating thing that you will find in Payoneer. You are provided your
Payoneer Mastercard
which you can use as a card in any ATM of the world to
withdraw cash. You can also use the same card for online payments. You can use
it for payment for you Facebook ad champaigns too when the debit cards from
other banks doesn’t work. That too makes it the Best Paypal Alternative.  You can follow the guide to get your Payoneer

Payoneer Tax Charges You Need To Know.


Charges Annually –

 Payoneer deducts $29.95 per year for your
account maintenance. However you register through this link you can get a bonus
of $25 for every $100 you add to your account.

On every ATM withdrawl you will be charged $3.15 .
Payoneer Transaction Charges.
Payoneer Transaction Charges.

Payoneer Terms That I like(And You Will Too).

  • The minimum and maximum payouts through are $20 and $1000
    respectively without any transaction charge.
  • There isn’t any limit for money if the transaction is
    through any US payment service.
  • You won’t need to convert the amount in your account into
    your currency. Payoneer does that by itself for you.
  • You can get your Payoneer Mastercard within 15-20 days
    after the application is made, if approved. However, in some particular cases
    it may take longer time.
  • The maximum withdrawl amount from your Payoneer account is
    5000(either it be $,€ or £) in any country.
  • You can do transactions for maximum 10 times per day from
    ATM and maximum 9 transactions are allowed for POS terminals.



Payoneer Mastercards can be used for all your transactions
but they charge a higher card maintenance charge as compared to other
alternatives.  However it is the best
alternative to Paypal
on the Internet at the moment. Don’t  forget to register through this link to get a
bonus of $25. However compared to all other alternatives Payoneer is more
It will be nice to have your experiences with Payoneer if
you are already used it. Do share those in the comment box below.


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  1. This is the first time that I am hearing about Payoneer. It's always good to have alternatives. I will have to check this one out soon.


  2. That's awesome that you can get a debit card. Makes it handy for business on the go.


  3. I didn't know that paypal even had competition. It's nice that payoneer is giving us potions.


  4. I've heard of Payoneer a long time ago but never had a reason to use it. It has always been just PayPal for me.


  5. I have heard about it but I am quite hesitant of getting one. My friend told me that it is really easy to get one it's just that when it comes to payment already, whenever you try to withdraw to local ATMs, the conversion of currency changes. IT doesn't convert accordingly. But on the other hand, she told me that you can easily transfer your money from payoneer to your local bank account. So I guess, I may give it a try pretty soon.


  6. Very good post, this is so useful and I will share this to friends here. Thank you.



  7. Interesting review. I've been using Paypal for some time now because it's a lot more efficient than most. Payoneer sounds like a worthy alternative!


  8. I've been using PayPal for years and I kind of got used to it. It's nice to see something similar to it. I'll give it a try


  9. Interesting! I had never heard anything about Payoneer. But I do find Paypal frustrating sometimes.


  10. I was just looking at your Payoneer Review – Best Paypal Alternative Till Now. website and see that your site has the potential to become very popular.


  11. Howdy! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds
    me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this.

    I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will
    have a good read. Thanks for sharing!


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