Interview With Neil Patel, A Self Made Entrepreneur With Three Multi-million Dollar Companies.

Neil Patel, CEO Of  Kissmetrics And Co-owner Of Quicksprout And Hellobar.
So here is the third Interview that i had with Neil Patel, The Owner Of Three Multi-Million Online Companies, A Self Made Entrepreneur. You might be wondering how I even had contacted him for the Interview. But, I must say that he is very humble and is always accessible to all his followers. I didn’t even have to wait for a day to get his reply after applying for the Interview. He’s not just a millionare but also a great man stuck to his humble roots.

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Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

Today I’m very blessed that I was able to put up a discussion with this great man.

Neil Patel is a SEO expert and online marketing strategist who has been the heart of many million dollar companies’ online marketing. He is the founder and co-owner of Quicksprout, Hellobar and Kissmetrics

Neil provides free guides to SEO, content marketing, social media and online marketing to his followers at .

So let’s begin with the Interview. Hope you enjoy it.

Interview With Neil Patel.

1. There’s not much need to introduce yourself. So please share your life story and your success journey so far with your multi-million companies.

Ans – I started off from humble beginnings and was fortunate enough to be at the right place and the right time within the digital marketing movement. Since then I have invested and started up numerous SaaS companies — It’s been a fun ride. 

2. What had made you tend towards entrepreneurship? How did you eventually come to know about blogging and SEO?

Ans – I never really liked studying or working for anyone else. I did those things to learn the right skills to become self employed and I never really looked back. I was introduced to SEO and blogging in high school when I was researching marketing. 

3. What are your views about the modern SEO strategies and the need of effective SEO optimised contents?

Ans – I really like how SEO is evolving now. It’s all about content that is rich and contextual — the less spam that’s online the better it is for consumers like you and I.  As a writer you should focus on the consumer or visitor over SEO.

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4. What would you prefer for a long run in the industry- White hat SEO or Black Hat SEO.

Definitely, definitely white hat. There really is no other way to get around it. You really have to put in the time and effort to see great results with SEO, there are no shortcuts.  

5. Google has been constantly releasing algorithm updates. What affects that might have on a website? Its quite often that after an algorithm update by Google, a page doing drops it’s rankings in SERP. How to avoid such disasters?

Ans – If you are doing all the right things you shouldn’t worry about algorithmic updates. Often times spammers and people who have been dabbling in black hat techniques find that they are falling off — I just tell them to get back to the script. Focus on what is best for visitors.

6. You often say that your business hacks can make a company’s revenue grow to millions. How are you so sure about the business hacks would work out for every startup?

Ans – Business hacks are any small or large tweaks you make to your business that push your bottom line. I make them all the time so the proof is in the pudding. They may not work for everyone, but they work for the majority of the people. 😉 

7. You are in the online industry for about a decade now. What are some of the best online tools that you had made use of to grow your multi-million business sites?

Ans – Honestly I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools religiously — I think those two alone can do wonders to your bottom line. Other than that I use my own tools like Hellobar.

8. If you are given $500 for a startup, what things will you like to spend on?

Ans – Blogging. I would buy a domain, hosting and start blogging. I don’t even $500… I can probably do it for less than $100.

9. Please name some personalities that you really keep an eye on in the industry. Why?

Ans – I follow a lot of people. I follow Brian Dean from .
                   I really respect the amount of time he puts into his content creation. He works really hard to produce some of the best content out there.

10. What are your plans in the future? Please include a link so that newbies can reach out to you.

Ans – I am going to keep cranking out content and making investments in companies I see potential in. Nothing much is going to change 😉 In regards to a link is the best place to get to me.  

11. What was the greatest obstacle that you had broken through in the past? Why and how?

Ans – I think the biggest obstacle I ever encountered was overcoming my failures. Once you get past all the failures in your life and learn from them the sky is the limit.  

12. How essential is it to plan for the upcoming events and works in online marketing?

Ans – It’s extremely important. You always have to be one step ahead of everyone else if you truly want to make a difference and see growth.  

13. Did you ever think of while starting that within 10 years you will be a standout personality in the industry?

Ans – Never. I always thought I’d make it but not in my wildest imagination did I think I’d be this big. I am going to keep working 🙂  

14. Please share your advice for the upcoming entrepreneurs and the online marketers.

Ans – Don’t let any obstacles or failures derail you from your goals. Be sure of your direction and work towards it every day.  

15. I would like to know what improvements you will like to see in this particular blog, Random Times.

Ans – I think you are doing a pretty great job. Just focus more on marketing. You are putting time into creating content which is great, but also put more energy into marketing it.

So, here’s the end. Hope you have enjoyed the conversation at your most.

Thank you for sticking to the interview this long. I am very eager to know from you about your  views. Do drop your consents in the comment box. And don’t forget to share this interview if you have liked it.


  1. This is really an informative and inspiring interview. Great that RandomTimes is on the right path


    1. Hi Miriam.

      Its great that you have found the interview helpful. Thank you for finding your time out for this blog.


  2. It's nice to see his humble beginnings. He can really be inspirational in his journey.


    1. Hi Franc.

      His humbleness is the best thing I found out while taking his interview.

      Your complements always inspire me sir. Thank you to get yourself engaged on this blog.



  3. Wow! It's Neil Patel! Amazing how he got to know about SEO and blogging while he was still in high school. This is a great read and I'll surely come back to read this again to learn pointers from him.


    1. Hi Claire.

      Its always great to hear your complements. Thank you for devoting your time on this blog. Keep inspiring.



  4. He does sound rather humble. I actually read through is responses and his ones about SEO really intrigued me. When it comes to SEO I have no idea what I'm doing, I basically just wing it.


    1. Hi Amanda.

      You can follow his SEO guides at , Else you can contact medirectly over e-mail for seo guides. Here's my E-mail –


  5. Good interview with the SEO! Although I doesn't know him but from his way of answering he is indeed a great and successful man 🙂


  6. Great interview! I don't know a thing about SEO but I've always heard how great it is, I guess I need to heed his advice and put some time and effort into SEO.


    1. Hi Shawnyce.

      Thank you for your complement.

      You can follow his SEO guides at , Else you can contact medirectly over e-mail for seo guides. Here's my E-mail –


  7. I've heard of this guy before and visited his website a few times. He provides great information. I liked the interview!


    1. Hi Barely.

      Thank you for spending your time on this blog. Its astonishing that you only had heard about Neil Patel. He is one of the most reputed personality in the seo and blogging industry.


  8. Great interview.. it is sure inspiring learning from someone like him… hope we can be somewhere halfway or better still like him in the future


    1. Hi Mierra.. Its great to have you here on our blog. Thank you for your comment.


    1. Hi..Mumsand.

      Its nice to hear that you have benefited from the interview. Great to have you here.

      Thank you.


  9. This guy knows what he wants to do and worked hard to get to where he is right now. His passion is clearly in online business.


    1. Hi Fred Sir.

      You are absolutely right. I'm very honoured to have you here on my blog. Hope you have enjoyed the interview. Keep inspiring.



  10. Nice interview ! Not familiar with SEO things..thanks for letting me know!


  11. Great interviews! My company spend so much on the SEO. Guess their earning is a lot.


  12. People who start from humble beginnings are always so admirable. They have since what it's like to build a company from the ground up and that experience makes them really more appreciative of what they have. Awesome interview!


  13. I look up to Neil Patel and I'm happy to know more about his life story with this interview. Now I'm curious about Hellobar. I also use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools religiously.


    1. Hi.. Rochkirsten.

      I will strongly recommend Hellobar to you. Its a great to tool to collect some extra e-mails to your list. Thank you for spending your time on this blog. Keep inspiring.

      Thank You.


  14. Your post was very informative for us. Neil Patel was a really successful and humble entrepreneur.


  15. everyone can be a great success like this man, just need hard work and wisdom


  16. These are such interesting pieces of advice! I've never heard of Neil Patel until now 🙂


  17. Really awesome advise since I'm a newbie in blogging and online industry although I blog since 16 ^^''' Really need to have more knowledge and wisdom in this industry.


  18. These amazing successful people are awe inspiring. A great interview with lots of key points to take note of! 😀


    1. Hi. Anis.

      I guess you have liked the Interview. Be inspired . Keep inspiring.


  19. The amount of time needed to improve and change our site according to Google is really tedious and sometimes it's easier when there's someone to guide us. Thanks for introducing him to us!


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