Analyze Keyword SEO Difficulty Score With KWFinder, A Comprehensive Review.

Keyword Research, Analyze SEO Difficulty Score, Keyword Research Tools, KWFinder Review

Keyword SEO competition Analyzing is always a matter of
confusion for you ever since you have started blogging. Yea, I know it because I had
faced the same problems earlier.

There are a lot of Keyword Research Tools that you find in
the Google search engine but most of them are not affordable for you as you
have just few bucks to invest on Keyword Research Tool at the start. That has
always been the case for most of us.
But you need not worry. KWFinder is a charming affordable
keyword research tool for you at the start. It even has a free subscription
process with limited metrics. But you know, free versions are not always the
best to go for. A few bucks can return you thousands. So, a little investment
on Keyword Research Tool
at the start is highly recommended.
So, here I am stating the Pros and Cons of KWFinder Research
Tool which will definitely worth your money.


What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is an online keyword research tool which lets you
analyze every possible metrics for particular keywords and also gives a broad
list of related keywords. This Keyword Research Tool is provided by Mangools
SEO tools.
This tool is still not as popular as the others in the industry but
still it works like charm. It doesn’t just provide you fake metrics but the
original metrics with a very easy-to-use interface. It offers  attractive subscription plans which is much
lower than other big companies providing the same benefits which made it
perfect for you if you are still a beginner.

KWFinder Features – Keyword Research, Cheap Keyword Research Tool


 Keyword Search Volume
Metrics – 

Each keyword will show the traffic volume for the particular
keyword over the last month. It will also provide a graph for the search
volumes over last 12 months
. So, you can analyze the Google Adwords data at the
same time you search for competition rank. That is cool indeed.

Difficulty Analyzation

 You can analyze the PPC and CPC  for the particular keyword in the table
provided which adds up to your estimation with the keyword. And the the main
purpose for what you are using his tool i.e. SEO difficulty analyzation for
that particular short phrase or long tail keyword.

Broadly Related Long
Tail Keywords List –

This tool
also provides you with a long list of broadly related keywords with the exact metrics recorded. So, you will be able to
find many additional profitable keywords with KWFinder Tool.

Google SERP Results – 

When you are analyzing for a particular keyword, this tool will also
provide the Google SERP results. Therefore you will also have the list of all
of your competitors for that keyword with this tool. The chart also shows you
the DA, PA, page rank, traffic volume for that keyword to that page.
Wow.. So
you are even find the traffic volume for the respective SERP rankings. That’s
the best part I ever liked while using this tool.

City Or Country Based
Location Keyword Research – 

tool lets you analyze City Or Country based results for the targeted keyword.
That’s even better when you are working for a company’s website or an
E-commerce site.

How To Use KWFinder To Check SEO

Follow the
steps as follows-

  • Enter a keyword related to a particular niche. Click
  • Sort out the keywords according to your targeted locations,
    Global Sarch Volumes, CPC, PPC etc.
  • The chart will show you the particular keyword and other
    related relevant long tail keywords with all the filters in effect.
  • Click on the respective keywords to view SEO difficulty


What Makes It A Perfect Alternative To
Long Tail PRO?

Pros –

Unlike the other keyword research tools it doesn’t show PPC
metrics of AdWords
. KWFinder uses metrics like Citation Flow, Trust Flow, PR
etc. and generates SEO completion based on them out of 100.
Once you find the potential keywords related to your niche
with low SEO Difficulty Score it’s amazingly easier for you to target the
keyword and rank them on SERP.
The ability to analyze the top sites’s metrics such as PR, average
traffic to the site, DA, PA etc. that are ranking on SERP is a fab fact of
KWFinder. That’s probably the best feature that I like and you will too. Thus
you are able to know the exact volume of traffic for each respective ranks on
SERP. Also you are able to know your competitors at a single go.
Once you are done with your research you can save the
keywords that you have found. Also KWFinder shows a history of your activities.
Thus if you miss out some potential keywords at the back you can easily find
them up later. That’s zerocool, ain’t it?
You can also export all the keywords that you have listed as
a CVV file and download it.

Cons –

At times I have noticed that the Search Volume Metrics doesn’t
match with that of Google AdWords. Also in fewer cases the pages ranking on
SERP aren’t accurate.

Subscription Plans Of KWFinder

Keyword Research , Keyword Research Tol, Analyze SEO Difficulty Score
Click Here To Subscribe Now.

A Final Verdict –  

If you are a beginner and cannot afford a premium keyword
research tool like Long Tail Pro then KWFinder is the best alternative. At
times it proves to be even better than Long Tail Pro.  Also it offers you a free subscription with only
5 searches  per 24 hours. So, going for
the Premium or Basic Plans are far better as per your needs.
The user-interface of KWFinder is pretty simple and you can
easily get aquainted with it. The keyword research and SEO Difficulty Score is
pretty reliable from my end.
The KWFinder customer support service is very interactive
and is always ready to answer your questions as soon as possible.
Though it is one of the potential Keyword Reasearch Tool but
it’s not the perfect time to call it the best.
Did this review help you
What are your views about it and how well did KWFinder Research work for
you  Is this better than the Research
Tools you have used so far
Share all your verdicts in the comment box below. I am too
eager to interact with you and answer you your queries.



  1. Thanks for all these informative posts… Thanks for putting it all in one place for newbies like me to have it all so easily!


    1. You are welcome. Thank you for spending time on my blog.


  2. It's good to know there is a free version to try at least. And also good to know you can customize per city. Will check this out. Thanks!


    1. Hi Gigi.

      That's the main feature that most keyword research tools lacks and makes KWFinder a unique one for your marketing.


  3. It may take awhile before I can understand how to do this. I have a personal blog and I just post whatever I like without analyzing the keyword.


  4. This is something I would probably need. But I'll have to understand and study this further. Thank you for sharing about KWFinder. I'll visit their site, for sure.


  5. I'm not doing any keyword thing even in Google Adword, but what matters most: if not financially stable for this thing better not isn't it? For sure, blogggers wanted so much about this keyword but some didn't even bother to learn the basic. Your post gives me the idea to analyze further.


  6. Thanks for the information. I am basically clueless about SEO but have been trying to get my blog to take off beautifully. Thanks for the write-up – now can learn bit by bit what needs to be done.


  7. Using a free tool that is effective in analyzing and looking for keywords is definitely a great bonus especially for those who are only starting out. KWFinder is a must try.


  8. I really have a hard time analyzing all about SEO thingy. All I know, I write, I blog, and I post it…hehehehe


  9. It's a more affordable alternative, that's for sure. Thanks for introducing me to this tool, it's really useful especially if you're maintaining a website.


  10. I'm not much familiar with key words. This can really help me in my blogging.


  11. will implement this after thorough reading through as this is key to blogging.




  12. This is a really educational article. I haven't played with keywords for a long time but who knows, I might just go back to it.


    1. Hi. Emily .

      Keyword research is the first step towards ranking and SEO and is the most important step of the whole process. So. you must analyze yourt keyword metrics before typing a single word of your article.


  13. I really find SEO a hassle. I don't think it really is necessary. But thanks to this I might be able to do it quickly and effectively.


  14. read about these before.. did not really do the searches. i think its time to give it a go.


  15. Hmmm.. I'm not sure if this is exactly what I will need because I tend to overlook this and try to base it on what I think I will type when I'm searching for related topics!


  16. Great information. My domain provider handles my SEO at the moment and I haven't needed to change. However, I am happy to know that I can demo this product forst. Thanks again.


  17. I am not really into SEO but today I learnt something new. Should start to check out the keywords too.


    1. Hi GengQian.

      Great to know that you have found the article beneficial for you. Keep suporting. ;-]


  18. My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right.
    This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how
    much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!


    1. Oooh. Cool. I’m honoured by your words. Keep supporting and share my works through.


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