How do I Attract New Commentator on My Blog (And How You Can Do The Same!)

Attract New Commentators To Blog, How To Get Genuine CommentsAfter publishing a post I am pretty sure you expect some comment from the audience. Comment express activeness and readership of your blog. It encourages you to write more and better. But, new bloggers always struggles for to attract new commentators to blog. A used the term genuine because as long as spammers out there one shouldn’t have to worried about comments. Anyway, why after spending those countless hours in your post you found there is no new commentator? Why no comments? No question, no praises, even no criticize.

You may have already notice popular bloggers get regular comments on their each and every post. Do you think they hire people for comment on their post? No, they even don’t think about it. Instead, they follow few simple method to get new commentator on their blog. In this article, we will discuss why there is no comment on your blog and how to fix that.

How To Attract New Commentators To Blog –


  1. Presentation matter so your design

A poor site design discourages your readers from comments on your blog. This may sound strange but it’s true. Your design should be comment-friendly, well design, interaction supported so that its encourage your visitor comment on your blog. Also, there should be an option to jump directly to comment section without even read your entire article.

  1. User-friendly Comment System

If we are talking about commentator we should look at our comment system first. Is it good enough to leave a comment? Sometimes users want to leave a comment, but due to some reason, they drop the idea. But what is the reason? The reason is your comment system. Sometimes users don’t find where to comment, sometime Captcha code doesn’t work or hard to guess, force them to choose an avatar or login another system. All these factors are discouraging your visitors from comment.

  1. Build blogger network

An easy yet beneficial way to get a comment for your post is to create a connection with your niche blogger. These bloggers know what you are trying to say, what is your fault, how to guide you for better writing. They can help you with useful information and require moderation. A strong relationship with your niche blogger not only increase your comment but your traffic too. Just follow their blog and social profiles, comment on them, share their content, and leave your backlink there.


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  1. Ask for comment

Asking for a comment is not a bad thing, nor a shame. It’s not a begging, it’s just an invitation of discussing. Also, this is a good practice for interaction with people. You can either leave an appealing question to your reader at end of article or rise a discussion relevant to the article. This way you can encourage your readers to comment on your blog post.


  1. Value your readers

This is considered a best practice for any kind of blogger. Give your readers their value, tell them how much you need their valuable comment. Encourage them to leave a valuable comment. But their loyalty. Yes, you can buy the loyalty of your user, not with money but with proper respect. Though, you can give away them some freebies or a premium service for free. This can encourage them to comment. Similarly, try to give your valuable reply to each comment also appreciate them for their valuable comment. Invite them to read your other posts.

A post without comment can discourage your readers. They can leave you instantly. So it is your task to take care of comment. Make it well-designed and user-friendly. Also, keep a connection with your fellow bloggers and invite them to leave a comment. Similarly, create a connection with your readers, make a loyalty, and give them their respect and value.

Gotta add some more tricks that are missing? You are always welcome to share here any new tips that you personally follow.

Thank you for reading the post this long. Spread the post over too! Happy Blogging!


  1. Nice tips. I always love to end with a question. And I like to read that in a blog as well. That makes it easier to respond. Because sometimes you read it. And that’s it. Nothing to add. But when there’s a question: you want to answer! And yes, it should be easy to leave a comment!


    1. You point is absolutely correct. Influencing readers to comment is the most challenging task though. 🙂


  2. Great tips! We have only in the last few months realised how important comments are to our blog. Good work! Ree Love30


    1. Thanking you for spending time reading the post. Hope you have just benefitted more by reading the tips than to feel. Take action and start for it right now.


  3. Hey, Chandran, I am also from India, Mumbai.
    Thanks for great tips on the importance of comments. Every blogger needs good comments from the readers. It not only shows the good interaction between the author and its readers but do you know comments on your blogs also increases your ranking in search engines like google.
    So one must try to get as many comments as possible.
    Wish you all the best.


    1. Hi! Shubhangi.

      Thank you for your wishes.
      My name is Chandrangsu. Quite many spells it wrong like you. Ha! Ha!


  4. Thanks! I have a new born blog so I’m looking forward to applying your advice; growing your audience is very hard.


    1. Hi! Iris.

      It’s always great to hear from you.
      Ping me in case you need any help.


  5. This was a helpful post. It always overwhelming when there are comments to appreciate your article. I try ending my point with a question usually.


    1. Hi! Laveena.
      It’s great to hear from you. Thankink you for your comment!


  6. Well done and very well said. This is definitely true. Captchas are really annoying and it makes me lazy to comment if I found it in a blog.
    JM |


  7. Also, if you get the readers commenting on your blog it just leaves so much joy for the blogger, because you see you have done something good. Well at least that is how I feel. I know I feel so proud when I get even 2 comments on my blog, just a sense of accomplishment. It just keeps you going.
    Tina von S |


  8. Great Chandrangsu,
    Your work is really awesome. To generate traffic is not an easy task for any blogger but this article is really awesome and informative.
    Thanks for sharing your precious words.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Glad to know that you have liked the article.


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