Veripurchase Review- ClickBank Sales Funnel.

Affiliate Marketing is not merely approaching the persons by e-mail or showing the ads on your site.  VeriPurchase makes this task extremely easy for you by giving a more trusted look and professional approach to your site. Don’t just believe my words but read the full review here and try it yourself.

VeriPurchase makes your Clickbank affiliate sales more profitable by collecting and showing customer data. The mere truth of affiliate marketing is your affiliate sites trust and your reader’s loyalty.

A customer won’t really feel to buy from your affiliate site unless your site has either a strong influence or look trusted and user-friendly. This is the point where VeriPurchase works like charm and increases sales flow.

What Is VeriPurchase Actually?

Veripurchase is a third party company integrated with Clickbank to collect and display customer data for the vendors. The real-time customer behaviour and sales data is what makes it unique unlike any other third party companies. VeriPurchase increases your affiliate site’s social proof instantly and increase their sales.


There are quite a few features that every affiliate marketer would love o test with-

ClickBank Integration.

Monitor your ClickBank affiliate sales like never before. Understand your customers with the real-time data that will eventually help in achieving higher sales. VeriPurchase has been proven to increase conversion rates by as much as 100%.

Here’s a simple video that you can refer to while before you set up-

No Sales? No Problem.

You don’t need any minimum sales requirement to configure VeriPurchase widget in your website. As soon as you sign up, you are ready to collect data and make sales. At first the widget remains empty until you make the first sale. And after you make that and eventually more, the VeriPurchase graph grows.  This gives the customers the primary certification of your site to be tested.  No one can avoid real-time sales details and what better can any customer expect to buy your product?  In this way you just increase you chance of direct sales by 40%. That’s a lofty increase from merely 2% chances from a simple review post.


Easy, User-Friendly Setup Process.


You have to paste two lines of HTML code to your website to see VeriPurchase work. You just don’t need a developer team to set things up and spend a heck lot time on just setting up. That’s fast and easy.  Simply select your widget layout and colors before pasting the code. Setup process takes only 5 minutes in average.


Customizable Designs


There are a wide range of templates to best fit your website. Also, you can customise the templates further to make VeriPurchase widget more approachable.  Using VeriPurchase customisable designs creates instant trust and gives you tremendous social proof.


Import Your Previous Customers To VeriPurchase


You can even import your previous customer’s data in VeriPurchase. So, you are never too late to get Veripurchase installed! You can directly import upto 200 customer’s data for the previous 6 months just with a single click. That’s insane, the more data you have the more sales you actually make.


Secure INS Customer Data Access


Caring for your customers is the foremost aspect that an affiliate marketer must have. When you give value to your customers, they give you sales in return.

Clickbank uses secure INS service to help you send necessary customer data to Clickbank securely. If you choose to import your previous customer data , you will be requested once to download the necessary information for your account.

One VeriPurchase Per Website

Your single subscription is eligible to collect data for a sing website. However, you can make multiple subscriptions to manage multiple websites.


Testimonials –

We were referred to VeriPurchase through a friend, and after running roughly 840,000 visitors to our website over the course of a few weeks, the VeriPurchase widget added another 5% of income to our bottom line. This was one of the easiest ‘raises’ that we’ve ever given ourselves. Keeping this widget on our website was an absolute no brainer for us. Thanks for the innovative idea!” – Dr. Charles

Very happy with the results. After 600 sales VeriPurchase converted 15% better! I haven’t had such successful results with something so simple to setup before. I’ll be using it on all my sites from now on!




If you are an affiliate marketer still struggling for sales then you must go with VeriPurchase. It’s cheap, efficient, exact and reliable. Make the sales you have been missing.




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