Best Toools To Write Blog Post.

Every writer wants to have an amazing content that grabs attention of every reader on various social media with million or billions of comments, shares and likes that makes them more popular as a good writer. But for this, you all need to cover your blog and content to that quality. To have a good start, you need to start from good writing tips. As everything or anything has a

Veripurchase Review- ClickBank Sales Funnel.

Affiliate Marketing is not merely approaching the persons by e-mail or showing the ads on your site.  VeriPurchase makes this task extremely easy for you by giving a more trusted look and professional approach to your site. Don’t just believe my words but read the full review here and try it yourself. VeriPurchase makes your Clickbank affiliate sales more profitable by collecting and showing customer data. The mere truth of

Attract New Commentators To Blog, How To Get Genuine Comments

After publishing a post I am pretty sure you expect some comment from the audience. Comment express activeness and readership of your blog. It encourages you to write more and better. But, new bloggers always struggles for to attract new commentators to blog. A used the term genuine because as long as spammers out there one shouldn’t have to worried about comments. Anyway, why after spending those countless hours in

Best Video Sharing Sites In 2016.

Video Sharing is one of the best tools to popularize your brand and bring in targeted traffic. However Best Video Sharing Sites in 2016 aren’t just limited to Youtube, Vimeo or DailyMotion etc. In the recent past I have noticed developing a number of video hosting sites alongside Youtube. And you are completely null about the fact that you are missing out a the best of the video sales funnels. Video

Interview with Kickass Developer, Akshit Wadhwa of BlogHaul.

  So, here I am with the next interview after a long break. This time I got the chance to interview Akshit Wadhwa, the kickass designer behind the famous blogs as such of Jitendra Vaswani, of Preet Sandhu and of Bishal Biswas. Currently, Akshit is working on a fashion blog along with his blog . That’s a lot to do with. You are wondering how Akshit,

Analyze Keyword SEO Difficulty Score With KWFinder, A Comprehensive Review.

Keyword SEO competition Analyzing is always a matter of confusion for you ever since you have started blogging. Yea, I know it because I had faced the same problems earlier. There are a lot of Keyword Research Tools that you find in the Google search engine but most of them are not affordable for you as you have just few bucks to invest on Keyword Research Tool at the start.

Payoneer Review - Best Paypal Alternative Till Now?

If you are a online business owner or a freelancer you might be using Paypal services for sending and receiving your online payments. But didn’t you feel the drawbacks of Paypal which includes their strict policies and complex verification process?  Also, you can’t access your money directly from Paypal but you first need to transact the amount to bank account then use it. So, today I introduce to you probably the Best Paypal

Interview With Neil Patel, A Self Made Entrepreneur With Three Multi-million Dollar Companies.

Neil Patel, CEO Of  Kissmetrics And Co-owner Of Quicksprout And Hellobar. So here is the third Interview that i had with Neil Patel, The Owner Of Three Multi-Million Online Companies, A Self Made Entrepreneur. You might be wondering how I even had contacted him for the Interview. But, I must say that he is very humble and is always accessible to all his followers. I didn’t even have to wait for

Poptm Review: Adsense Pop-Under Ads Alternative.

Recently Adsense has brought out for the publishers the page-level and pop-under ads for mobile devices. The main advantage of these pop-under ads is that they have a higher click through rate even from the mobile devices. In the recent times, about 30% of the organic traffic to blogs or websites is from smartphones or tablets. That, too, proves the necessity to have higher click through from the mobile devices.

Journey To Success From Army Kid To An Entrepreneur, Interview Of Sudipto Chakraborty.

Sudipto Chakraborty Aahh! Finally, I was lucky enough to sort out a few questions in the form of  an interview for Sudipto Chakraborty, the star Youtuber from India. Thank you Sudipto for this informative interview. Sudipto Chakraborty is dashing his way through Youtubing journey at the point. His Youtube channel Tekhsquare is now well renowned worldwide for the high quality tech reviews and informative videos. His Youtube channel Tekhsquare has